Ada kidney transplant recipient thanks his donor family

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ADA, OK-- Two unlikely friends reminisce on the strange way life brought them together.
14 years ago Jim York began going into Renal failure.
"At the time I told them I don’t believe that. I work out every day, I eat healthy, I do everything right," said Jim York, "she said your kidney flow is at about 45 percent and somewhere down the road its going to take a nose dive.”
Sure enough in 2006 his blood pressure became a problem and by 2012 he was on the waiting list for a new kidney.
"Fortunately I got a call from the transplant center and they told me ‘hey, we think we have a perfect match,'”Jim remembers.
That perfect match was Susan Mabra’s 21 year old son Jarod. Jarod had committed suicide just two days prior on July 1st of 2012.
“He was always a helper so he’s just continuing to help others,” his mother, Susan, said.
Susan and Jim believe they were always meant to become like family.
“ I had even made the comment about Jarod that if he was standing there before God and he showed him everyone that needed a kidney transplant, he would’ve picked jim himself. It was just meant to be," said Susan.
Now they both work together to spread awareness about suicide prevention and organ donation.
“You get the chance when you are gone to continue to help somebody and help save someone life. And those who have received an organ, I encourage you to reach out to the donors family because it sure is a blessing,”said Susan.
The first of three organ drives occur on ECU's campus in front of the University Center from 6 to 9 p.m.