Ada looking to make improvements on Main Street

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ADA, OK -- Implementing bike lanes, more landscaping, and better sidewalks were some ideas discussed at an Ada Main Street improvement meeting Wednesday.

The improvement plan is a 2 million dollar project, funded by the "Penny for Our City" sales tax.

Chairman of the Main street lighting committee, Bridget Forshay, met with committee members and residents who say updating downtown's appearance is always important.

"If you drive down main street right now, you can see overhead lighting and cables for electricity, and that will all be moved underground, and so just that improvement alone will make a huge impact in how our downtown looks," Forshay said.

Along with resident input, the committee has also sought out the help of LandPlan Consultants, who have previously worked on Norman, Durant, and Grove Main Streets. President, Keith Franklin, says improving Ada's Main Street is vital to the community.

"Being progressive and looking at what other communities do to keep people staying there, keep people having fun enjoying their community, and keeping their family there is something Main Street can accommodate for them," Franklin said.

While the committee and residents have many different ideas to make Main Street better, they all agree that the overall goal is to make Main Street a more prominent destination for residents, as well as visitors.

"Just make it a much nicer place to come and stay, and walk up and down and visit other merchants instead of just coming in, finding one thing, and leaving," said resident and local business owner, Jake Cantrell. "If it's a little nicer, people are more inclined to walk around and stay," Cantrell said.

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