Ada police go green with new motorcycle

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ADA, OK- The Ada police department is adding a sleek and eco-friendly addition to their fleet of vehicles.

"The things that we are seeing with it are the economic aspects of it as far as it being an electronic vehicle where we charge it every night," Captain Casey Northcutt.

Right now the department is in a two week trial period with this vehicle from "Zero Motorcycles". Captain Jeff Crosby says they plan on using grant money from the city to purchase the $14,000 vehicle permanently. A decision that's going over well with patrol officers like Joel Machetta.

"I'd rather be on it any day then on a Tahoe or Cruiser," he said, "The benefits i've seen is we are able to put the motorcycle anywhere and everywhere. If there's a sidewalk we can put it there, somewhere a vehicle can't go."

Officers also like the stealth factor of the quiet, black motorcycle.

"Most motorcylces are pretty loud," Machetta said, "This thing, 20 feet you may hear us coming. I can drive right by you and you may just hear some whistling from my helmet and that's pretty much it."

It may be electric but the Zero motorcycle can reach speeds of over 90 miles per hour. The department is glad to increase efficiency and go green and hope to expand these efforts when funds are available.

"Maybe if we get a grant or something," said Northcutt, "I would see that we might be able to do this or even get electric cars at some point."

The department's test period for the motorcycle ends next week. The captain says he's not sure when they'll receive the grant money to purchase it.