Ada purse snatcher caught

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ADA, OK -- An Ada woman held up by a knife-wielding purse-snatcher, says he got away with the goods but he won't get away with the crime thanks to some good samaritans.

Leta Simmer says after leaving her son's high school football game Friday night - she decided to stop by Walmart.

"As I was walking back to my truck a guy walked up to me very casually and said 'hey how about you give me that purse?', "Simmer said.

At first, Simmer says she thought the man was kidding.

" I said 'excuse me?' and he said 'how about you give me that purse' and he stuck his hand out that had the knife in it," Simmer said.

But Simmer, who says she's not one to back down from a fight, refused.

"So, I started swinging my purse. I got a couple good hits in. Then he grabbed it and we played tug-a-war for a little bit," Simmer said.

Simmer says during the struggle her purse's shoulder strap broke and the suspect got away with the bag, but not for long. Her screams caught the attention of several nearby people - including an active duty soldier - who chased the man down the street and cornered him in a nearby parking lot.

"Apparently, the suspect decided it would be in his best interest to throw the weapon down which he did. At that time two men, two good sumaritans basically held the suspect down until police arrived," Officer Mark Bratcher said.

30-year-old Michael Bullard of Sulphur was arrested by Ada police officers and booked into the Pontotoc County justice center on a $100,000 bond.

"The guys in the parking lot were just great. They basically told him he needed to throw the knife down and give up because they weren't going to," Simmer said.

Ada police say while they don't recommend people chase down any criminal, in this case it worked and luckily, no one was hurt.

"A couple of the guys saw my purse and brought it back and the two guys that chased him down in the parking lot one of them brought my wallet back that had fallen out," Simmer said.

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