Alcohol propositions on Bonham ballot for Saturday

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BONHAM, TX -- Voters in Bonham will decide Saturday whether to allow the sale of alcoholic beverages within city limits.

Two propositions, one that would allow the sale of beer and wine in stores, and another that would allow restaurants to sell mixed drinks, are on the ballot.

Bonham Fuel & Food Stop Manager, Dustin Logan, says for years residents have had to leave Bonham to find a drink.

"They buy other stuff like candy and they buy soda pops, they buy gasoline, but if the city votes to go wet, the people that are currently driving to these other cities can just come to the local stores," says Logan.

And Bonham Mayor, Roy Floyd, says that's tax revenue his city is missing out on.

"Our citizens who want to buy wine or beer are going to another city now and helping their tax base where they could help us do that," says Floyd.

Floyd says that most neighboring cities are considered wet and allow the sale of alcohol.

If the measures pass, Floyd says that excess sales tax would go towards the building of roads, repaving of streets, and water and sewage improvements.

Floyd says several retail establishments considering a move to Bonham will be keeping a watchful eye on Saturday's vote.

"It may mean the difference between them coming to Bonham or not coming to Bonham, this election," says Floyd.

However Bonham residents feel about making Bonham wet or keeping it dry, Mayor Floyd encourages them to make their voices heard.

"I think it's up to the people and they're getting their opportunity to vote for that," says Floyd.

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