Alleged arsonist sets seventh Sherwood Shores home on fire

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SHERWOOD SHORES, TEXAS -- The past eleven days have been a reoccurring nightmare for people in Sherwood Shores.

"They're really getting close to home. This is my son's bedroom and just, thank goodness we weren't here," homeowner Lana Weides said.

Just after midnight Sunday, Lana Weides became the seventh Sherwood Shores resident to see her home destroyed by flames.

Fire marshals say it's arson.

"As violated as I feel, even though this is just my lake house that, you know, I don't live here, but it's still a second home, you know. And I feel sorry for all those people that they just burn it down and don't think twice about it," Weides said.

Weides's neighbors were home at the time of the fire and woke up to another smoke-filled night.

"You're afraid to leave your home. When the sun goes down is when you're afraid because you just don't know," a neighbor that wishes to stay anonymous said.

"I'm one of the blessed ones. We have insurance. What about all these people out here that don't have insurance, you know? That's the sad part," Weides said.

This is the first home in the string of suspicious fires that hasn't burnt down to the ground, so Weides says the silver lining could be that this might help lead fire marshals to the alleged arsonist.

Fire Marshal Kevin Walton says this house has already progressed their investigation.

The Sherwood Shores Fire Department got to Weides's home fast enough to salvage the structure, leaving ample clues.

"At this time we are looking at it being all tied to the same person or persons doing it," Walton said.

Walton says they have narrowed down their leads on suspects and the sheriff's department has assigned more patrol cars to survey the area.

For Weides, an arrest can't come soon enough.

"I hope they're shaking in their boots right now because they will get caught," Weides said.

What would you say to whoever is doing this?

"I can't wait 'til you're caught because, let me tell you, you will be. You will be. It's just a matter of time and I pray to god that you don't kill someone before you are caught," Weides said.

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