Alleged burglar caught in the act

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SHERMAN, TX-A Colbert man is now behind bars after police said they caught him trying to break into a Denison business.

This is a prior mug shot of 21-year-old Anthony Dante Martin. He was arrested Friday morning for burglary and deadly conduct.
Officers said they saw Martin walking with a handgun in the 700 block of West Main just after 5 a.m. They said Martin dropped the gun as he tried to get away from police.

Investigators said Martin tried to break into F&I Pawn using the gun and shattering the front door.

"I think it was great that they were able to catch him as quick as they did and catch him red handed in the act. I mean we have security, obviously surveillance that has footage of him entering the front of the store, but he never got past our entryway there," said store manager, Samuel Mitchell

Nobody was hurt. Martin was taken to the Denison City Jail.