Alleged victims testify against Oklahoma entertainer

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IDABEL, OK -- Several teenagers who claim to have been molested by an Oklahoma entertainer testified against him in a McCurtain County courtroom today. At least six teens have made accusations of sexual misconduct against 31-year-old Thomas Bradley Porton, accusing him of inappropriately touching himself in front of them and encouraging them to do the same, even giving them pills and alcohol.

Porton waved as he showed up to his preliminary hearing, Thursday morning. At least 11 witnesses are testifying against Porton who is accused of Sodomy, several counts of Lewd or Indecent Acts to a Child Under 16 and more.

"There's been so far three rounds of charges come in and DA Matloff has asked for no bond every time he's took him in front of the judge, but the judge chooses to set a bond and he bonds out every single time. So he's been a free man walking ever since this has started," an alleged victim's mother said.

The mother of one of the alleged victims, who we will call "Sally" to protect her child's identity, says two years ago -- when her son was 14 -- Porton gave him alcohol and a pill believed to be ecstasy.

"Giving him alcohol like that makes me sick. It just makes me sick. I don't understand how somebody feels like they have the right to do that," "Sally" said.

An affidavit states Porton got drugs from the Broken Bow pharmacy where he worked and gave them to underage teens. Parents say Porton claimed he was a counselor and according to court documents he provided counseling services for at least one victim.

"I feel like he was using that to gain access to these boys, especially his counseling that was definitely how he was gaining access to all of these boys," "Sally" said.

A separate affidavit states some victims' reported going to Porton's home multiple times where he would provide pornographic videos and sex toys for the purpose of masturbation. "Sally" says her son did not participate in those activities, but it is still upsetting.

McCurtain County District Attorney Mark Matloff has refused our requests for comment on the case several times, and a gag order has been placed on Broken Bow Police.

We also spoke to Brad's mother who did not want to comment.

"Sally" says her hope is that Porton ends up behind bars.

"Brad's been getting to bond out and be free, and be Facebooking like me and you whenever these boys are at home traumatized, not being able to sleep," "Sally" said.

In court records police say a task force executed a warrant back in April and found syringes, pornographic videos and pharmaceutical tablets among other things. The hearing is scheduled to continue Friday.