Amazing Race Star speaks to Madill High School students

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MADILL, OK -- Jett and Cord McCoy have competed several times on the reality TV show, "The Amazing Race." Now Jet wants to take that celebrity status and use it to influence kids in a positive way and he started at the school he attended for a few years.

If you're an Amazing Race fan, you've heard the name Jet Mccoy.

Jet and Cord McCoy are better known as the cowboy brothers who compete on the hit TV show. McCoy has traveled around the world, but he calls Ada home.

He also went to Madill schools for a few yearS and Monday night, he came back to share some of what he's learned with the students at Madill High School.

"It doesn't matter what language you speak, where you're from, what economic class you're in, things like honesty and integrity and dependability those things are valued worldwide," McCoy said.

These students, like Megan Mockerman, share those values.

"Having Jet speak about dedication and commitment, I think for us is also really important because we're going off to college and it's important for us to have goals and that commitment," Mockerman said.

Dozens of other students were inducted into the National Honor Society tonight. McCoy says he was honored to be a speaker at the event, and says he hopes he can use his new found celebrity and hometown experience to impact more younger people.

"Just to show up. There's so many people that just don't show up for work, they don't show up for their family, they just don't show up for a lot of things and regardless of what you do sometimes showing up is the most important part," McCoy said.

Lane Chapman says he was thrilled to see the TV star on stage at their school and say his words definitely hit close to home.

"He had a really good message about showing up and setting goals and having a future plan for what you want to do."

Jet and Cord competed for the first time on the Amazing race in 2010.
Now , they are back competing again on this season's show.
You can watch the brothers right here on CBS 12 on Sundays at 7PM.

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