Animal cruelty investigation workshop in Fannin County

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FANNIN CO., TX - Law enforcement and animal control agencies from across north Texas were in Fannin County Wednesday. The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of Texas partnered with the Bonham Police Department to host an animal cruelty investigation workshop.

This is the first time the SPCA of Texas has offered a training program like this in Texoma, and more than 15 law enforcement and animal control agencies came to take advantage of the learning opportunity.

Pat Burnett with the SPCA of Texas travels all over Texas teaching people about the telltale signs of animal cruelty, what constitutes animal abuse, and dealing with cases of animal mistreatment.

Chief Bankston said he feels it's important for his officers to get this training, and he wanted it to be available to as many people as possible, "We want our people to be able to recognize it, be able to deal with it, and know how to follow through with it."

Maura Davies with the SPCA of Texas says the group has offices in Dallas and McKinney, but serves Fannin county as part of their rescue investigations outreach.

"It's a common misconception that all SPCAs and Humane societies are linked -- we're not we're all separate," said Davies.

A local couple tells News 12 they are in the early stages of starting an SPCA shelter in Bonham, which would serve the Texoma area.

"We just saw a need for the animals in the surrounding areas," said Kiera Brack. She and her husband, Duke Brack, are both disabled veterans who train service dogs.

Davies says the SPCA of Texas would continue to serve the Fannin County area for animal abuse cases, even if a new local group is created. The two SPCA organizations would not be affiliated with each other.

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