Animal Shelters need the publics help

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SHERMAN, TX-- Once a week, Blanca Serrano, volunteers with her 2-year-old daughter, at the Sherman Animal Shelter. Serrano updates "" weekly with new dogs that come to the shelter. She says it's important for people to realize what pets are available.

"Owner's want to know what they are going to get. They want to know the temperament, they want to know, they want a loving companion, and you can't just say, we have a Cocker Spaniel, you have to show them a picture, show them what their like, so hopefully they get a permanent home, so they aren't coming through here again."

One of the biggest problems that volunteer, Nick Jones, notices is some of the dogs are adopted and then a week later, they are back in the shelter cages.

"We see a lot of the dogs again, they come back, after they've been adopted, because the people didn't plan for them or they were too rowdy, and that's not what we want to see. We want to see them leave and never come back, we want them to go to good homes."

The Sherman Animal Shelter has 80 spaces for dogs and cats from all of Grayson County. And throughout the year, they take in 5,000 dogs and cats. Sadly, only 2,000 of those animals are adopted.

The puppy and kitten population at the shelter, increases over the summer months, but so do the adoption rates.

George Olson, Sherman city manager said the community can help control overcrowding.

"But that's the key message is spay and neuter your animals, control the population, otherwise it causes an abundance of problems throughout the community," explained Olson.

Serrano wants the community to realize volunteering at the shelter... Not only helps the dogs... But is a good family activity.

"The way I look at it, it could possibly save a lot of dogs lives, and you know make them happier, having someone that takes care of them and for us it's something we get to do as a family," Serrano said.