Annual Oklahoma Freewheelin' bicycle tour kicks off

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MARIETTA, OK -- The annual "Oklahoma Freewheelin' Bicycle" tour kicked off today and our very own Meteorologist Tom Miller is participating this year.

The 36th annual Oklahoma Freewheelin bicycle tour began in Comanche and ended in Marietta Sunday.
It marked the first day of nearly week long journey for the cyclists, who are making their way across the state.

"It was a long ride. It was 79 miles and tomorrow we go from here, which is in Marietta, to Tishomingo, and then Tishomingo to Pauls Valley and eventually end, it's a six day ride, end in Southern Kansas," said News 12 Meteorologist Tom Miller.
He says the trip started off with some rain but nothing could dampen the excitement of the first leg of their journey.

"Everybody was wet last night. Tent was full of water and then we started out with rain in Comanche but the rain quit and then as we got closer to Marietta, of course, the sun came out," said Miller.

"It was a fun ride. Really neat to see the countryside and some different areas of Oklahoma you wouldn't get to see any other way," said Lee Osborne.
Osborne is from San Antonio and says this is his second year to ride across Oklahoma.

"Did it last year. It was on the east side. Had a lot of fun with it so thought i'd come out and do it again," said Osborne.

"This year we have people here from Germany, from New Zealand, and they come just to see Oklahoma, so this is a very cool thing for them," said executive director, Joy Hancock.
She says around 500 people are riding this year.

"Our mission is to promote and strengthen cycling tourism in Oklahoma. So what we do is we just promote the small towns, rural communities, and rural culture of Oklahoma," said Hancock.

Hancock says Monday the cyclists will make their stop at Murray State College in Tishomingo.

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