Annual mud run benefits a rare disorder

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GRAYSON COUNTY, TX - Kids from around Texoma got a little dirty today to help a young area boy and others battle a rare illness.

Hundreds of kids showed up in Gainesville Saturday morning for some good clean fun.

Well not exactly, but it's definitely for a good cause.

"I was crawling through the mud, rolling through it, swimming in it and having a lot of fun," said Bryce Townley, a mud run participant.

Nearly 700 kids participated in the 3rd annual "M-o-o-ving Through the Mud with Landon." A fundraiser to help raise awareness and funds for children and families battling a rare neurological disorder called Hypothalamic Hamartoma or HH.

"It's a rare disorder. Its like a benign brain tumor and it causes cognitive disorders, different types of behavior, rage behavior and its becoming more and more prevalent," said Shelley Head, a mud run committee member.

Landon Tipps is an 8-year-old boy from Valley View, Texas. His grandmother says he was the first child in North Texas dignosed with HH at the age of 4 and Landon certainly has conquered obstacles bigger than any mud hill or pool.

"Landon had six brain surgeries. This has been a long journey the last 6 and half years with Landon," said Kathi Kirby, Landon's grandmother.

M-o-o-ving through the Mud with Landon is an event to help families cope with HH and it's the largest fundraiser for the disease in the world.

The mud run raised $20,000 this year and all the money raised will go to HOPE for HH.

"So as a country, as a community we've all come together and that's what this event is all about," said Head

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