Antlers foster family loses home in fire

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ANTLERS, OK -- An Antlers family is picking through the rubble Thursday after a fire tore through their home Wednesday morning.

It's been home to more than a dozen kids this family hopes they can move forward and keep helping others.

Steven Hill, the owner of the property, said, "I don't know what caused it but it was on fire."

This has been Steven and Lola Hill's home for the past 22 years.
Not much remains now after a fire destroyed the house Wednesday morning.

The Hills have 14 children, 6 who still live with them.

They've been fostering kids for years in this house, several of whom they adopted.

Now the house that was a home to all of them is gone.

Mrs. Hill said, "This is their home I mean this is all they know, this is just their home."

Lola says they believe the fire started near the heater around 6 a.m. and quickly spread through the house.

Mrs. Hill said, "There were 7 bedrooms, a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, and 3 bathrooms."

Steven and the six children were asleep inside when the fire broke out but they were all able to get out safely.

Mrs. Hill said, "We've been having fire drills and every one of them come to the point of where we'd been practicing the fire drills."

Although most of their possessions are gone, Steven says they still have what's most important their family and their memories.

Mr. Hill said, "I was really happy,, you can replace all this."

The family did have insurance, and they're staying with friends for now but say they can't imagine living anywhere else after all these years.

Mrs. Hill said, "We plan to either rebuild, or to move in a double wide or something here. We haven't really decided. It's just too soon."