Applications pour in for Paris' Home Loan for Repairs Program

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PARIS, TX -- In an attempt to help improve the overall look of Paris, the city created a loan program that provides money to residents who can't afford home repairs.

"There's people that don't take care of their properties, because they just choose not to for whatever reason and there's some people who really want to and just can't," said City Manager John Godwin. "This just gives us an extra tool to help them."

The program kicked off just about two weeks ago and already 15-homeowners have applied. Charles and Ollie Dickson applied for the loan and say they are excited about the opportunity.

"It's going to help a lot of people and a lot of people need help," said Ollie Dickson. "We want our area to look nice, to look good, we want our houses look good, so I'm happy the city is doing it."

The Dicksons have passed the city's qualifications and now must be approved by one of the participating banks. If approved, they plan on getting a new roof.

"It's just old," said Ollie Dickson.

"It's gone, it's time for repair," said Charles Dickson. "I'm not able to do it myself, finacially nor physically."

The program offers up to a $5,000 loan for necessary repairs including roofs, windows, siding and more.

The city allocated $100,000 from their demolition budget to guarantee half of the loan, allowing the city to help up to 40-homeowners.

Applications for the loan program can be picked up at the City Hall Annex, located at 150 1st St SE.

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