Arbuckle Project to be paid off six years early

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SULPHUR, OK - A fifty year note for a project that helps provide water to several southern Oklahoma cities could be paid off earlier than expected.

The decision to build Arbuckle Lake near Sulphur came over fifty years ago.

Arbuckle Master Conservancy District Manager Steven Jolly said it has been providing clean water to several surrounding cities ever since and now it will also be saving them some money.

The Arbuckle project supplies water to Ardmore, Davis, Sulphur and Wynnewood.

Jolly said the Arbuckle Master Conservancy District had fifty years to pay off the nearly $7 million project, however the final check for the project will come six years earlier than expected.

The last payment for the project will made in October.

Jolly said that will save the member cities $2.2 million.

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