Ardmore Abduction Update

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"This a very serious and terrible, terrible crime."

Brendan Marusak was arrested for burglary and kidnapping a seven year old girl at the Ashbrooke apartment complex on Monday. Now authorities say he raped the victim after taking her from an apartment late Sunday night.

"There's no telling what he did to her and why he even chose my family, or my daughter..."

The mother of the victim says she's still in shock after waking up Monday morning to one of her daughters missing.

"At that point, I grabbed the phone, called 911, ran outside screaming her name, trying to find her all over the apartment complex"

One of the other children in her household reportedly gave a description of Marusak, who police arrested, after finding him and the victim barricaded in his apartment in the same complex.

One day after his arrest, Police are asking the public to come forward with any information about Marusak or any other children who may have come into contact with him.

"As we've looked into it, we are developing information that based on the nature of this crime and some of the evidence on the scene, that there's a possibility of additional child victims."