Ardmore High School principal resigns

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ARDMORE, OK - Ardmore High School principal Kim Holland's resignation was noted at the Ardmore School Board meeting.

After three years of serving in that role teachers and parents at Tuesday's school board meeting said they're sad to see him go.

"We appreciate everything he's done the past three years, he's been a part of this community and we thank him for his work," said Patti Green, teacher and Ardmore Education Association President.

Teachers like Green and parents filled the room at the board meeting to show their support for Holland.

While he wasn't there himself, Holland released this statement to news 12 about his resignation:

"The public knows there are philosophical differences in the direction the district is taking next year and where we, at Ardmore High School, believe we should go. I plan to work as hard as I can for the class of 2014 to have a great finish and to get AHS ready for next year," said Holland.

Superintendent Sonny Bates said the board wishes Holland the best and appreciates all he did as principal.

"Very good team player, helped with the bond, and did a lot of good things for the district as a whole and also for the high school," said Bates.

But parents said they still can't believe Holland is stepping down.

"I would say last night my wife and I were just shattered at hearing it and so were our two daughters," said Steve Oliver, who has two daughters at AHS.