Ardmore Police make arrests in connection with counterfeit bills

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ARDMORE, OK - Keith Watkins works at the E-Z Shop on Broadway and handles cash every day.

"I heard that there were some businesses around that were taking counterfeit twenties," said Watkins. "So we started being on the lookout a little bit."

Ardmore police heard of the fake bills too and arrested Wesley Watkins, Tamara Baker and Eric Jackson all on charges related to making bogus bills. Ardmore police Sergeant Ryan Hunnicutt said a search warrant for a home in the 1600 block of Refinery road led up to the arrests and the evidence they found inside.

"We found several items that are consistent with the manufacturing of counterfeit currency," said Hunnicutt. "It was what you'd call a home based operation, it wasn't very sophisticated."

But good enough to create several thousand dollars worth of phony cash now sitting in APD's property room. Hunnicutt said they think more counterfeit money is still circulating as well as two more suspects.

"We are still looking for them, and we still need some help from business owners and store clerks to call and give us those good descriptions," said Hunnicutt.

Watkins doesn't think he's come across a fake bill yet, but long as the funny money is still out there he'll be on the lookout.

"Look at everybody that's coming in the door, greet them as they come inside and then they're a lot less likely to do anything like that," said Watkins.