Ardmore Salvation Army in need of donations

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ARDMORE, OK -- An Ardmore shelter says they are running out of donations to help those seeking warmth.

Major Jeff Daniel with Salvation Army says, extremely cold temperatures and single digit wind chills over the past week, have sent Ardmore shelters scrambling for extra supplies.

"Because there's a real danger of hypothermia and freezing to death that people come in and are able to stay in a warm place and we push capacity and sometimes exceed it," Daniel said.

"We need blankets, any type of warm jackets, warm sweaters, sweatpants, pretty much anything, any type of clothing and blankets," says Joleen Cole.

Cole stays at the Salvation Army and says she sees firsthand the need of those around her.

Cole said, "It's hard. But me, I volunteer around here, find stuff to do so I don't have to be out in the cold when I'm not at my normal job."

Daniel says several people are in need of heaters.

"So if people have an electric heater that they'd like to donate, because we always have a bigger request than we have a supply of those," said Daniel.

He says donations can be dropped off during normal business hours.

Daniel says, "It may not be a big donation but every little bit helps because it accumulates and helps more people."

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