Ardmore Shelter in Need of Donations

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"And they have been lined up down the sidewalk the past few days because they're just ready to get in where there's a warm place for them to be."

Jaree Garrison, director of the Grace Day Center in Ardmore, says the dangerously cold temperatures the past couple days, have left local shelters scrambling for extra supplies.

"Because a lot of people don't have heat or electricity, water in their houses, and there are several that are actually homeless that don't have any place to go."

Garrison says the shelter is especially low on winter clothing accessory donations.

"They're really needing gloves and hats and scarves, things like that, because a lot of the people are out in the inclement weather and, you know, it's really cold for anything that's exposed."

"Giving out a lot of stuff, they're starting to get low now because people are needing stuff. Everything's pretty rough for everybody right now," says Philip Stephenson.

He's been a recipient of donations from the center during frigid days, and says he is seeing firsthand the need of those around him.

"There's a few of them that I know that are walking around right now are still needing things..."

He says every single donation goes a long way.

"It is going to good people who are having a rough time, like myself. People are grateful here. We appreciate it."

To drop off donations visit the Grace Day Center at 11 A Street NW, Ardmore.

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