Ardmore Valero refinery gives to children's charities

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The Valero Ardmore Refinery presented two hundred thousand dollars to twenty local children's charities Tuesday.

Cindie Gilbert with Hickory Creek Child center couldn't believe she'd struck black gold.

"It just helps us out so much," Gilbert said. "We're non-profit so it helps in every way."

Valero raised $9 million at its 2012 Valero Texas Open Benefit for Children Golf classic. $200,000 of that goes to the Ardmore area. Then a company committee chooses the charities and how much money they will give. Each charity will receive between $5,000and $15,000.

Vice president of the Valero Ardmore refinery Don Wilson said they try to be fair.

"We strive to spread the $200,000 out to as many charities as we can," he said.

The charities range from Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts to the Pregnancy Resource Center. They all have big plans for the money they're receiving.

To refine these raw funds, charities like Hickory Creek Child Center are using the money to fund operating costs. Because the organization is a non-profit, this money keeps them going like oil in a car.

"To keep our doors open and give kids a good, safe place to be," said Gilbert.

But however these charities help kids, Wilson said Valero just wants to help them do it.

"We have a special fondness for children so anytime we can help the children in the community we love to do that," he said.

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