Ardmore city leaders speak out at community forum on recent violent crime

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ARDMORE, OK -- Ardmore residents and city leaders met at the convention center today for the annual Ardmore community forum.

"We've never had problems until recently," said Elizabeth Williams.
She was one of more than two hundred Ardmore residents at Wednesday's community forum.
She says she was glad to hear about all the city's development plans but her real concern is the apparent rise in crime.

"I've been there since 2006. My house has never been broken into except for a month ago. I've had two break-ins in one month in my home. It concerns me," said Williams.

"In order for this to stop, people are going to have to come forward. People are going to have to get tired of living in fear or afraid that something is going to happen if they're out on the street corner or if they're in the parking lot of a business. Somebody is going to have to come forward," said Ardmore police captain, Kevin Norris.

He says several shootings within the past few weeks are believed to be gang related but witnesses have not been cooperating.

"We are working tirelessly trying to solve the shootings and the murders but it comes to a point where the community and the public are going to have to step up and do their part and give us some information," said Norris.

Ardmore city manager, J.D. Spohn, says he's thankful for citizens understanding as progress is made.

"They're understanding that we're trying to do the best we can. I know Chief Grace is working on some plans to really try to address this issue and try get these people that are causing us these problems," said Spohn.

And Spohn says the great turnout at today's forum says a lot about the community.

"We're very pleased. We think exciting things are happening in Ardmore so we're happy about that," said Spohn.

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