Ardmore gas price spike crunches retailers

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If you've stopped for gas in Ardmore, you might think that filling up your tank means emptying your wallet.

"It's kind of hectic on us with other bills and stuff like that so with gas prices being almost 4 dollars a gallon it's a little extreme," said Bobbi Jo Lackie, an Ardmore driver.

"it was only $3.16, $3.17 then out of nowhere it went up to $3.99 in four days," Emanuel Fagundes said, who also drives in the area. "I think it's just crazy."

And for owner of Advanced Transmission William Moore, gas prices are putting the brakes on business because he's selling half the gas he used to.

"All of our gas customers are basically vanished," said Moore. "They've disappeared. They can't afford the fuel. "

That's because prices have gone up in Ardmore by 60 cents in the last three months.

Valero spokesman Bill Day said supply agreements, the size of the station and the area of town a station is in can effect price, but he has another explanation for a recent spike.

"There may have been some supply disruptions in your area because of the big storms south of Oklahoma City recently," said Day.

Day adds that the cost of the supplies is what drives the price, and Tuesday crude oil was more than $95 a barrel according to NASDAQ.

But wherever the cost is coming from Moore said his business might not be affected much longer.

"I've actually thought about closing the shop because gas prices are continuously rising and customers are continuing to fall," said Moore. "So it's not profitable to stay in business."