Ardmore girl turns school project into mission to help others

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ARDMORE, OK -- An Ardmore kindergartener is doing what she can to spread hope and encouragement to other children.

Jami Miller says it was a school assignment to "build a monster" that inspired her 6-year-old daughter Jaycee to do something bigger.

Miller said, "She came out with a sketch, you know, much like this one. She just sketched it out and said this is kind of what I want it to look like: a stuffed animal with just the basic premise was just extremely long arms that can wrap around somebody."

Jaycee's mission: to extend these arms out to kids less fortunate than her and give them a great big monster hug.

"Because if they're homeless and sad they can smile if they have a great big hug," said Jaycee.

"That's the cool thing about Monster Hugs is when you open it you know automatically what you're supposed to do with it...and that's hug it," said Miller.

Recently, Jaycee and her mother have been sending these cuddly monsters to children who are battling cancer.

"They're in the hospital. They're doing chemotheraphy, sometimes once a week if not more. Sometimes they stay months, and months, and months, and they just have something to have in their hospital beds," said Miller.

Jaycee says there is no better feeling than giving to others.

"It feels like, in my heart, it feels like it's stuffed," said Jaycee.

Miller says to find out more about Jaycee's mission visit

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