Ardmore officers speak out about chase and shootout

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ARDMORE, OK - Two Ardmore officers exchanged fire with shooting suspect Henry Jackson, who was killed.

But it all started minutes before when Jackson led Captain Eric Hamblin and Officer Juan Galicia on a chase.

Dashcam video from hamblin's patrol car shows that the officers began chasing Jackson at P Street NE and 7th Avenue. Jackson was wanted for four shootings including one that killed Marcus Cole Holt in Johnston county and another that wounded two ATF agents in Ardmore.

When Hamblin spotted Jackson's car and shined his spotlight on the license plate Jackson fired at him, missing Hamblin's head by just inches.

"He was shooting at us and I thought we gotta get him to quit shooting at us," said Hamblin. "That was what was going through my mind."

Galicia was in the passenger seat and said he'd only ever been shot at with a BB gun before this chase.

"That was nothing compared to actually being shot at by a suspect that was determined to not go to jail," Galicia said.

Jackson raced down Martin Luther King Blvd. and crashed near H Street NE.

He opened fire again and that's when both officers said they did what they had to do.

"Gun battle ensued and during the gun battle we were able to dispose of the threat I guess," said Hamblin.

"My training kicked in and I really didn't have time to think about anything," said Galicia.

Jackson died at the scene. But Ardmore police chief Ken Grace said his officers did the right thing.

"They put an end to the threat the city had," Grace said. "A lot of the people in Ardmore were afraid to come out of their houses for a day or two because of what was going on."

And while it's been almost a month since the ordeal the memories are still fresh.

"As far as what happens after that I think those are emotions that we'll take some time to sort through," Hamblin said.