Ardmore police revise their persons of interest list for the 2 homicides

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ARDMORE, OK -- Police still say they believe the two homicides are connected and are the result of gang violence.

"I think that everybody needs to be aware. They need to lock their doors. Just, I mean, watch out. Everybody needs to watch out because no innocent lives need to be taken anymore. I mean, it's ridiculous what's going on," says a concerned resident.

Ardmore police are investigating two homicides that they believe to be gang-related and they're seeking tips that will help solve the case.

"We do not have any arrests. There are no updates at this point. Initially during the day we received a lot of phone calls, most of the calls were just 'heresay', just what somebody else had heard, which we appreciate that, but at this point the calls have stopped," said Norris.

Monday, 59-year-old, Ella Loftis, was found shot to death on her porch in the 900 block of A street north east.
And Sunday, Volonte Anderson was killed at All Starz bar off south Commerce street.

Norris said, "The night that the shooting occurred at the club, this parking lot was full of people and we need somebody to stand up and call us and tell us what happened."

Captain Kevin Norris says at this time there are 3 people they are looking to question: O'Shay Shadon Brown, Ricky McGee Junior, and Dimitri Washington III.

"If somebody who was in this parking lot will call us and give us the information, and tell us who did the shooting, we would be able to solve both murders," said Norris.

"It's not fair for the town of Ardmore for people to not know when they step out of their house if they're gonna be okay."

This concerned resident says she hopes someone will come forward and give police the tip they need, and in the meantime, she hopes people will be extra cautious.

"I think if you're out at night you need to be careful. Be aware who you're around, I wouldn't be in big crowds."

Norris said, "As always, just in your daily events, you always want to be cautious and watch your surroundings of what's going on around you, but there's no need for alarm or, you know, no need for you not to go out."

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