Ardmore residents taking first steps towards a healthier community

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ARDMORE, OK -- The Ardmore Chamber of Commerce is stepping up and "stepping out" to help change poor health statistics.

Ardmore residents gathered at Central Park Wednesday afternoon, ready to take the first steps towards a healthier community.

"I'm aware of how important it is to get your heart rate up every day and move rather than just sitting still somewhere. Keep your arteries clear," said "Stepping Out" participant, Don Black, who has heart disease.
He says with each step & movement being monitored by a device called "the pebble", it's easier to track your progression towards a more active lifestyle.

Black said, "It sounded like a really good idea. I wanted to participate, and my wife Glenda and I both signed up for it."

"As you, you know, take your steps and see your results, you can see not only what you've done but what other people in your group have done. So you can motivate each other and challenge each other to do a little bit more than you would otherwise," said Kevin Brown with the Ardmore Institute of Health.
He says the stepping out program is based on fun competition to motivate participants.
And Chamber of Commerce President, Mita Bates, says the program is all about involving others in the process.

Bates said, "Stepping out is the chambers way of getting our community, especially our business community and members, engaged and moving."

Bates says "the pebble" charts your movement, calories, distance and time, along with weight and blood pressure monitoring options.

"We only have 6 employees and I think they're all going to be interested in doing this," said Black.

Right now, the pebble is available to chamber employees, but Black says he plans on getting his local business involved, as well.

Black says, "An inexpensive and easy way to get yourself moving."

Bates says for more information on "the pebble" and how you can get involved, to contact the Chamber.

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