Ardmore school board discusses whether they have to make up snow days

ARDMORE, OK - At the Ardmore school board meeting Tuesda night members discussed whether they'd have to make up the school days missed due to inclement weather.

Officials said they've missed five days of school so far this school year because of snow, but the board said they base their school year on hours.They have to have a minimum of 1,080 hours each year.

Superintendent Sonny Bates said right now they're still okay, but they can't miss any more days or they will have to make up those lost hours.

"We did the calculations and discovered that that's it," said Bates. "We can't miss anymore days without having to plan to make them up."

Bates said Ardmore schools will make an inclement weather plan including how to make up any other potential snow days.

They might also have to add days to the end of the year if weather forced any more cancellations.