Ardmore to get new dog park

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ARDMORE, OK - Abby Bilsbury went on a walk Friday with her constant companion: Christi.

"She's a breslauer hungarian pointer," said Bilsbury.

Raised from a puppy, 4-year-old Christi is energetic, and that's one reason Bilsbury can't wait for Ardmore's new dog park.

"She loves other dogs and she'd be very excited to meet other ones because they love to run around and play with each other," she said.

Parks and Rec Director Kevin Boatright said he's heard similar things from dog owners who requested the park.

"The city does have a city ordinance that when you have your dogs out in public, including parks they're supposed to be on a leash," said Boatright. "So this is an off-leash area."

The dog park will consist of a one-acre patch of land in Regional Park, divided in half. Each side will have a pavilion, a water fountain with a dog bowl and a bone-shaped park bench.

"It'll be divided in half so that we can rotate each side of the acreage as the grass wears down," Boatright said.

The city has budgeted about $82,000 to the new park, and Boatright thinks they're barking up the right tree.

"We have a lot of people here in the community who would love to have an off-leash area," he added.

And as for Christi, she's pulling on her leash to go.

"I'm excited for it to open now that I know," said Bilsbury. "I'm going to take her a lot."

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