Severe Weather Closings & Cancellations

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ARDMORE, OK - Ardmore Schools has been notified by the office of the Emergency Operations Center that conditions exist for extremely violent storms this afternoon and evening. The storms could be here as early as 3 pm. and may contain long lived tornadoes, extremely strong winds and large hail.

We urge parents to pick up their children as soon as possible and before 2 pm. Please do not call the schools due to overloaded phone lines.

If conditions are bad at normal bus time, students will be held until conditions are safe. High School students that drive will be released at 1:00 pm.

-From Dr. Ruth Ann Carr, Ardmore City Schools Superintendent


SOTC evening classes canceled

The Ardmore Higher Ed offices will be closing at 3 p.m. today.

Murray State College, Ardmore Campus, classes after 3 pm canceled

Turner Public Schools 8th Grade Graduation postponed

Silo Public Schools elementary graduation postponed til 1:30 Wed.