Army Corps patrols Lake Texoma over 4th of July weekend

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LAKE TEXOMA-From the roads to the lakes, extra patrols will be in effect to protect Texomans from drunk drivers and boaters. But there are also simple precautions you can take to stay safe in the holiday traffic on the lakes.

B.J. Parkey with the Army Corps of Engineers said one man has already drowned near the dam on the red this year and there are an average of five drownings at Lake Texoma every year. Parkey said most of these drownings could be prevented by wearing a lifejacket.

"That happens. On this holiday weekend we get a little bit careless because there's so many people on the lake and someone's bound to mess up. It's unfortunate but it does happen, so everyone just needs to be careful out there," said Arlyn Samuelson of McKinney.

Samuelson went fishing at Lake Texoma Thursday morning and he said it's sad to hear about the statistics. That's why he makes sure he, and everyone in the boat with him, are wearing lifejackets.

Parkey also pointed out the importance of boaters to stay sober, so drownings and boat collisions could be prevented. He said lake officers will be out in full force this weekend.

"We just can't urge enough to be cautious while you're out on area lakes, especially Lake Texoma. We're a very large lake, we have a lot of boat traffic will occur. Along with corps of engineers, we have 7 other law enforcements in the lake this weekend," he said.

Parkey said If you're caught drinking and boating, you will be fined, and could even face prison time.

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