Affidavit says Ardmore school resource officer issued warrant for rape and molestation in 1997

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ARDMORE, OK - Court documents show that an Ardmore police officer who serves as the resource officer for Ardmore schools had an arrest warrant issued for him 16 years ago for lewd molestation and second degree rape.

An arrest affidavit from Wagoner County, Oklahoma states that a 14-year-old girl accused Corporal Barry Antwine of touching her inappropriately while they were in class at Wagoner High School, to which Antwine admitted doing so.

Antwine then entered into an agreement of deferred prosecution with the State of Oklahoma that stated charges would not be filed if he met the conditions of the agreement for four years, including restitution, probation fees, community service and a victim's compensation assessment.

We spoke to Ardmore police Sergeant Ryan Hunnicutt about this information. He said in a statement,

"Having just been made aware of these documents and the accusations they contain we are certainly going to look into them. Potentially this is a very serious matter and we are looking into it but do not know enough of the situation to make a statement at this time."

We also spoke with city manager J.D. Spohn today who said that interim police Chief Kevin Norris recommended that Antwine be reassigned pending an investigation.

Antwine has recently filed an EEOC complaint against the city of Ardmore alleging discrimination for an unrelated matter.

We'll continue to follow this story.