Arrests made in alleged $50,000 gun theft

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(GRAYSON COUNTY, TEXAS) -- Authorities say four people are now in custody after 80 guns were stolen from a Grayson County home last week.

The Grayson County Sheriff says although four people are now in custody, they're still working to figure out exactly how many people were involved in the burglary. Officials also say more items than the 80 guns were stolen.

When $50,000 worth of guns were stolen from a wall safe in a home on Plainview Road last Tuesday the news didn't sit well with neighbor Allen Hyde, " that was spooky..scary..I hope they don't come up here..try to break in."

Now Authorities say a traffic stop in Farmer's Branch on Monday led to the arrest of two suspects and the recovery of 31 of the stolen guns as well as bows, jewelry and accessories.

Authorities also searched a Carrolton home, recovering another stolen gun and arresting two more suspects. Sheriff Keith Gary is glad these weapons are out of the hands of potential danger.

Gary says "yeah we need to get them off the street as soon as possible."

Authorities are still working to recover the rest of the stolen guns ..but worry it could be too late.

Sheriff Gary, "we feel a lot of these weapons..actually the great majority went down to the metroplex..."

Sheriff Gary says the nearly 50 remaining stolen weapons are possibly being traded and sold illegally.

Local pawn shop owner Jack Baca says they'll know if anyone tries to sell the stolen guns and police would receive notification.

Pawn Shop Owner Jack Baca says, "it would be foolish for them to pawn something that they knew was stolen, because they would get caught."

In the meantime, Allen Hyde is glad some arrests have been made.

Allen Hyde " I do feel relieved that they're off the street..and I'm sorry that happened..that's really a bad situation."

When the investigation is complete the recovered guns will be returned to their owner.

Sheriff Gary says "there was nothing to indicate that the owner of these firearms had done anything illegal..he'd been collecting these for years and years.