Atoka Co. residents react to the approval of liquor by the drink

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ATOKA COUNTY, OK -- Atoka County residents will soon be able to enjoy a mixed drink with their meals at restaurants.

Tuesday night voters approved a liquor by the drink measure and we spoke to a restaurant manager who says they're already preparing to serve their customers.

Those we spoke to Wednesday say they are excited that the measure passed and believe it will increase the flow of revenue in Atoka County.

Restaurant managers in Atoka County say support for liquor by the drink poured in during Tuesday's election.

As residents passed the measure with a vote of 52%.

The manager of Cazadorez Mexican Restaurant says he's excited his staff will now be able to serve more than beer at their establishment.

German Eduardo Aguilar, the Cazadorez manager, said, "We're really excited about it cause we're already talking about putting a bar in the back with a little patio so we can serve margaritas."

Restaurants will be allowed to serve mixed drinks and other liquors in their restaurants starting July 1st of this year.

Shayla Miller says she thinks the new provision will benefit the entire county.

Shayla Miller said, "I think it's a wonderful thing. It's gonna bring more restaurants into town and therefore bring more taxes into the town and more money into the town."

She's also happy she won't have to drive too far to have a cocktail with her meal.

Miller added, "It's better to not drink and drive so having it in your own town is a lot better." and customers are already asking those at Cazadorez when they will start serving margaritas.

Aguilar said "People have been around here today and already telling us congrats. Since it just now passed we gotta get everything fixed and all the paperwork done before we start doing that."

The new ordinance goes into effect July 1st of 2014.