Atoka County USPS locations to reduce hours

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ATOKA COUNTY, OK -- Thousands of U.S. post offices across the nation are reducing their hours of operation, now two more Texoma post offices are being added to the list.

U.S. Postal Service officials say the reduction of hours is based on the mail traffic at each post office.

Now Lane and Stringtown post offices will face the reduction as well.

Friday, U.S. Postal Service officials informed residents in Lane their post office will be reduced to four hours, while the Stringtown post office will be reduced to six hours of operation.

USPS officials say the cuts won't go into effect until October.

They say fewer people are sending mail. They're using the internet to communicate and shop.

Residents we spoke to say they weren't happy about the reduced hours but are relieved their local offices aren't shutting down completely, and won't have to travel far to send out mail.

It's 10 miles from here to Atoka," said Lane resident, Elsie Frost. "I live five miles from here and so that saves me a 20 mile drive, 10 in and 10 back out so we're just glad this is gonna remain open."

The cutbacks are part of the USPS POStPlan which affects more than 13,000 post office nationwide.

If you want to know if your post office may be part of the POStPlan, you can log on to --

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