Atoka closes only city pool for safety reasons

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ATOKA, OK -- Atoka closed their city pool for the summer, leaving many families without a place to cool off.

Families in Atoka have one less place to hangout this summer after the city was forced to shut down their one and only swimming pool.

City Manager, Donnie Allen, says the closure resulted after engineers found large cracks in the pool house walls and foundation, making it unsafe to be around.

"A cavity came underneath the pool and was leaking water and got underneath the pool house," said Allen. "Once it got under the pool house, in my opinion and my opinion only, I think it caused erosion and we had a wall fall in the pool house."

Allen says days after the engineers found the cracks, the pool house wall collapsed.

He says although the pool is still usable, they must comply with rules set by the Oklahoma State Department of Health.

Allen says the city is already looking into other options to be able to provide for their residents.

"Looking into some grants to try and build a pool," Allen said. "To get through this summer, Coalgate has a swimming pool, a very nice facility over there and there is a possibility we can set up a bus to possibly take kids to Coalgate this summer."

But residents like Katy Porter say now that the pool is closed, she will have to travel farther than she wants to take her children for a swim.

"This town is a pretty good size, and for us to not have a kid thing, or family oriented place to go it's kind of ridiculous," Porter said.

She says the pool is a necessity and hopes a solution will be found soon.

"I mean it's crucial that we have something here that will keep our kids out of trouble, and give them something to do, I mean, something fun," Porter said.

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