Austin College graduate develops pharmacy solution

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GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- A new kiosk may be coming to a pharmacy near you, to help you with your medications. And it was developed by an Austin College graduate.

Shan Nanji went to Austin College from 2002 - 2006, and now is teaching pharmacology with the Pass Program.

That's where he says he learned a lot of the skills he needed to develop his company.

"I've had about 55 pneumothorax, which is like a lung collapse. And after my 6th one, what happened was, they gave me the wrong medication in the hospital. They gave me medication that reversed all of my pain meds," said Nanji.

Shan Nanji has been in and out of hospitals more than most. He realized something needed to be developed for patients so they knew what medicine they were taking.

"I didn't know about how to accomplish my goal of informing patients," said Nanji.

About a year ago, The Austin College grad developed the idea for KISSPharm, a kiosk in pharmacies where patients can learn more about their medications. It will launch in the next month.

"It's something that everyone can use to make sure that they have correct appropriate up to date information so they can get healthier," said Nanji.

We told pharmacist, Jodi Mandrell, about KISSPharm and she was excited about the idea of having an informed source for patients needs.

"Sometimes there's things that we missed because we were busy, or there's not enough time to go through everything," said Mandrell.

Mandrell says its something she would like to see at a local pharmacy.

"The patients as well as the pharmacists will find lots of uses for it. And it will improve their quality of care," said Mandrell.

Which is exactly why Nanji developed the idea.

"I hope that as a result, patients will become healthier and more informed about the medications they're taking, take them appropriately and get healthier quicker," said Nanji.

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