Austin College students learning through Jan Term

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SHERMAN,TX---Students at Austin College are taking courses designed to teach them to be more aware.

During January students at Austin college pick one course from a list of classes to take for the entire month. Some students study abroad internationally viewing another country's culture and others stay on campus exploring other topics, and in this class today they're making cheese.

"We learned about fermentation, which is taking sugars and transforming them into other compound that give flavors and aromas that create the kinds of cheeses that we love to eat." said Professor Kelly Reed.

Professor Kelly Reed teaches a course called "Secrets in the Kitchen" at Austin College. It's one of several course offered during the schools month long semester called Jan term.

"Well it's fun, I enjoy doing it because it's really focused on one particular topic for a whole month." said Reed.

During Jan Term students take one in depth course that challenges them to view subjects out of their major or just out of the ordinary.

In this course, students learn to make food while at the same time discover the scientific make-up of what they're making.

"When we bake a cake, and it doesn't go right , we wanna be able to ask the question well why didn't it go right, and we maybe want to try and get an inkling to an answer to that question." said Richardson.

Dr. Jon Richardson teaches alongside Reed. He says this making students aware of how things are made, and the process can translate into al fields of study.

"Even cheese, something we think of a very simple food is actually incredible complex and we want students to be aware of how much time and energy went into it." said Richardson.

Cathryn Yarborough and Ana Mariia are students at Austin College. They say they enjoy the chance to just study one in depth course.

"You're given this opportunity to in depth study one course, to be united with other students that have the same interests in something that you just wan to learn more about." said Yarborough.

"With a little bit of knowledge, and a little bit of appreciation, we can quickly delve into the more complicated topics that people might shun away from at first blush." said Richardson.

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