Austin College students shave heads for cancer research

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SHERMAN, TX -- Several Austin College students and staff shaved their heads Tuesday to raise money in the fight against childhood cancer. Kristen Shanahan was there as the hair fell and caught the reactions of some freshly shaven participants.

Tuesday afternoon the school held its 5th annual St. Baldrick's event. Students individually raise money, which will go toward cancer research, before shaving their hair off. While in the hot seat we spoke to some brave students about why they volunteered.

Emma Treu is a Senior at Austin College and even though she is about to graduate and start looking for a job, she is shaving her head to make a statement.

"People ask me why I'm bald and I can tell them a little bit about these kids who are suffering and how they're not getting enough funding," Treu said.

As the razor grazes her head she thinks of a young boy battling cancer that she met not too long ago.

"I asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up and he said 'I'm probably not going to grow up, but if I do I want to be a donor and I want to donate my organs so somebody else doesn't have to suffer'," Treu cried.

It is raising money for children like that young boy that got staff member Bill Edgette and his son to volunteer.

"I have a friend who's daughter has childhood cancer and I just thought it was a good way to give back to promote a cause ," Edgette said.

Bethanie Livernois helped organize the event and says they have already raised more than $2,000 dollars.

"The money is going to something that's really really important. This is something we haven't identified a cause of," Livernois said.

"The results may not come out for another 10 - 15 - 20 years but you have to start in order to finish. So if this helps continue the fight that's what it's worth," Edgette said.

It is a fight Treu says is worth so much more than her blond hair.

"If we can have enough funding to just research these cancers and kind of unlock the secrets then we might be able to open doors to treating all sorts of cancer," Treu said.

Treu also leaves this final message.

"This is a real problem and it's keeping kids from families, and so just take a step back and really look at yourself and all the people in your life and don't take it for granted," Treu cried.

Treu alone raised more than $1,000 dollars for the cause. A hair dresser for from "Lori's Locker Room" and "Travis Street Salons" both volunteered to shave heads for the day.

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