Authorities investigate property after human remains found in Pontotoc County

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PONTOTOC COUNTY, OK -- Human remains were discovered in Pontotoc County Thursday morning. Officials say they believe the remains are those of a man who went missing last month.

Pontotoc County Sheriff, John Christian, says they responded to a property just west of Ada in Pickett, Thursday morning, where the human remains were discovered.

"We went to that location and in fact found skeletal remains of a human being in the creek and we called the medical examiner's office and retrieved those after an investigation of the area," Christian said.

Christian says a rancher on the property had found the remains when he was handling some cattle, and rode his horse down along the creek.

"He came through the creek, chasing some cattle out of the creek up into another field, and at that time he observed what he recognized as a human skull and he looked and there were other remains there with it," Christian said.

Christian says this property is also where missing man Charles Manuel was last known to be. He says they believe the remains do belong to Manuel, but they have been sent to the Oklahoma Medical Examiner for positive identification.

Manuel went missing on March 17th.

Neighbor, Susan Tatum, says she and her family were the last people to see Manuel before he disappeared.

"It was late in the evening," Tatum said. "He had said he wanted to go see some other people he knew down here, but he never said goodbye, never knew he left."

Tatum says Manuel was a family friend. She says she's relieved the search may be over, but saddened by its apparent outcome.

"Very glad they found him, its bothered my husband and myself every single day, what happened to him, where did he go, but we sure didn't want him to be dead," Tatum said.

Christian says there were no signs of foul play where the remains were found, but they'll keep looking for more evidence.

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