Basketball tournament honors shooting victim Qualin Hayden

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SHERMAN, TX -- Family and friends of former Sherman High School basketball star, Qualin Hayden, took to the court Saturday.

A dozen basketball teams played in a friendly tournament in Sherman. The event was organized by Hayden's friends, with all of the proceeds going to Hayden's unborn child.

Hayden was one of two men shot and killed at a Hugo apartment complex earlier this month.

"His daughter deserves the best coming into the world. And not meeting her dad, he would want something like this for her," friend and organizer Jarred Bowman said.

"I'm really just thankful that you know he was blessed with such good friends that will put together this event, and so that all these people came to show their support. It really means a lot," Jasmin Wrenn, the mother of Hayden's unborn child, said.

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