Believing for Beckem

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SHERMAN, TX -- Dozens of people are combining their efforts to help a Sherman family with a sick baby.

"I cannot tell you every day just how many perfect strangers send us messages and they send things for the babies in the mail. And it's amazing. People that we don't know," said Angela Evangelist.

Angela Evangelist had twin boys, Beckem and Adler, five and a half months ago.

Now, Beckem is suffering from a rare type of congenital disorder called glycosylation, which affects his metabolism and ability to process foods.

"I never expected just complete strangers to love my babies and to do the things that they are doing. It's just overwhelming," said Evangelist.

That is how Lacy Roland got involved. She has known Angela for 6 years. And after seeing Beckem deal with the disease and its problems, she knew what she had to do.

"They were talking about having the life in the hospital and the life back at home too. And you realize that it's quite the struggle and I realized that there was something that I needed to do to help," said Roland.

Roland decided to make "Believing for Beckem" bracelets to raise money for the family to take care of their mounting medical bills for Beckem's surgery and care.

"All of the equipment that he needs and just all of the different things he needs, it really does. It adds up quickly," said Evangelist.

The money raised from the bracelets will go directly back to the family to help them with their needs.

Despite the outpouring of support, Angela and her husband say they only want one thing.

"I hope and pray that he can continue to grow and be healthy and be a healthy boy. I want him to do things that his brother can do," said Taylor Evangelist, father.

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