Bells residents starting movement to extend Superintendent's contract

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BELLS, TX -- A movement is starting in Bells, Texas to extend the Superintendent's contract after a majority of the school board voted not to.

Superintendent Joe Moore's contract ends in July of 2014. At Monday night's meeting, three board members voted to extend his contract and four voted not to. Parents and former students say the vote came as a shock.

"Oh it's crazy. It's absolutely beyond me that when I heard that I had to say what's the reason. There has to be a reason, and there's no reason to be given," Jeff Dane, the movement's creator, said.

Jeff Dane says in effort to keep Superintendent Joe Moore he is starting a campaign. He says over the next few weeks he will be sending out flyers and starting a petition. Dane says his goal is to show the public's support for Moore at the next school board meeting on February 18th. Moore has served as Bells Superintendent for 28 years and residents we talked to say he has been the schools biggest fan.

"To actually have him leave would be like taking a part of Bells away," Jennifer Dane, a Bells graduate, said.

"He's taken this school through some pretty difficult times and we are still doing well," Joe Pedigo, a Bells parent, said.

We spoke with Paul Richards who voted not to extend Moore's contract. He declined to comment. We left messages for the other board members who voted no and they have yet to return our calls. Friday afternoon we spoke to Superintendent Moore. He also declined to express his opinion on the matter, instead saying the focus should be on the students..

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