Benefit concert raises money for college scholarships

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Music lovers filled the Washington Theatre for the "2013 College Scholarship Campaign Kick-off Concert" that aims to raise money for the area's high schoolers.

"I'm very much into college," said Sara Kerley, who turned out Saturday night for more than just the music.

"My husband's a college student right now and I just graduated so we very much support college scholarships," she said.

That support is what the HFV Wilson Community center is hoping for.
Their overall goal is to raise $5,000 dollars. The money will give 5 students one $1,000 dollar scholarship.

Community center program Coordinator Alicia Gilmartin said the show was free, but they asked concert-goers to pitch in.

"We have credit cards, cash and check," said Gilmartin. "So we're passing it around, we're gonna get your money somehow tonight."

The Center also raffled off a 32-inch flatscreen TV. A trumpet signed by Earth, Wind and Fire trumpet player Bobby Burns was auctioned off.

Gilmartin hopes the Dallas-based Memphis Soul and Bobby Burns have helped the campaign start off on a high note.

"That's a huge thing for me personally to get the word out to these kids that they can go to college," Gilmartin said.

The Martin Luther King Jr. day parade is the next step that'll help raise money for local high school students.It will be held this Monday.

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