Bennington Police arrest man suspected of Arson

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BENNINGTON, OK -- Bennington Police have arrested a man they believe burned four buildings to the ground this month.

Around 1:30 Monday morning Bennington Police say an abandoned home off North Collins St. went up in flames.

"The State Fire Marshal came down, took some samples, stuff like that and said it was intentional, you know, you got a house with no electricity and no water," Hammond said.

Bennington Police Chief Jimmy Hammond says it did not take long to find the suspect.

"We do have a man in custody that we did find hiding in the weed line here behind the house. He is in custody now and we're still investigating. We're not releasing any names at this time," Hammond said.

Hammond says the man is also suspected of setting fire to a vacant home on North Perry St. and another home on Ralls St. He also believes the man burned down a garage Sunday morning around 2:30.

"This person has been seen on scene at the other three fires that we've had this month," Hammond said.

Martha Haislip lives near the home on N. Perry St. that was set on fire.

"Well I was scared. I thought the wind was going to shift and it was going to blow over here and burn my house, and you know, I've got grandchildren and boys that live over here," Haislip said.

She and her family say they can sleep better tonight knowing police have made an arrest.

"If he is the one setting it, it makes you feel more comfortable, you know, with your children around and stuff," Haislip said.

Hammond says luckily no one was hurt during the fires.

"These fires right here could have spread. If it wouldn't have been for the fire department doing such a good job, yea it could have got real bad, real quick," Hammond said.

Police say the suspect is facing a charge of "Arson in the 2nd Degree" and "Endangering Human Life During Arson". He is being held in the Bryan County Jail.