Bennington school bond on Tuesday's ballot

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BENNINGTON, OK -- Bennington residents will vote on an $800,000 school bond next Tuesday. Thursday night school administrators met with community members to lay out what the bond entails.

Dozens filled the cafeteria to ask questions about the $800,000 bond to remodel a building, improve technology and boost security.
Superintendent, Donna Anderson, says the Ag building is more than 20 years old and in need of a remodel. She says it has drainage problems and needs a new roof.

The bond will add air conditioning to the basketball gym and provide iPads for each Bennington student. Anderson says they're going to add security cameras around the campus and bullet proof glass at entries and exits.

The bond will not increase taxes.

"We had a bond about three years ago that was $350,000 for buses. So, that bond is still on, but we had two other bonds that came off. And now we're going to add this one and it's just going to keep everybody at a level tax base. It's not going to increase it one bit," Anderson said.

Voters will decide on the proposition Tuesday, March 5th.

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