Big Brothers Big Sisters needs more volunteers

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SHERMAN, TX -- Big Brothers Big Sisters of Grayson county has several little brothers waiting to be matched with their big brothers.
One big and little brother duo hopes to encourage other men out there to become positive role models.

Meet Jesse and his little brother Daniel. These two spent their Saturday exploring the Hagerman Wildlife Refuge. It's bonding moments like this one, that bring these two together.

"He's a really great guy," little brother Daniel Omayebu.

"He teaches me a lot of stuff. I've learned a lot of important values with him and I'm able to share some things that I know with Daniel. That's the good part is that I can influence him and help him out just as much as he can influence and help me out too," big brother Jesse Muniz said.

Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Grayson county is in need of more volunteers. Especially big brothers.

"If I can just use my hands for a minute, we have this many big brothers and this many little brothers that are looking for big brothers to mentor," employee CJ Jenkins said.

There are 20 little brothers on a waiting list. Jenkins encourages others to get involved.

"Obviously you know it's traditionally the man that runs, leads the household. So, we need people to step up and help these young men become leaders in our community," Jenkins said.

Volunteers like Jess Muniz hope that the children on the waiting list will soon have a mentor to share these memorable experiences with.

"You know, if we see success in our life because people have influenced us. Then we need to be able to pass that on and help encourage them," Muniz said.

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