Big plans in place for Sherman in 2013

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SHERMAN, TX-Big plans are in store for Sherman in 2013 and officials said they are looking forward to the city's economic future.

Mayor Cary Wacker said changes are on the way to Sherman and the city's economic future for 2013 has been in discussion since she was sworn in last November. Wacker said, looking ahead, they will be able to rollout those plans in the next three months.

New Sherman Mayor Cary Wacker got ready for a busy year and she said 2013 looks promising for the city.

"Luckily, our economy has been pretty steady. We have a lot of people committed to make Sherman successful in the next year," she said.

The Panda Power Plant recently broke ground, which will help bring in jobs and millions in revenue when completed. Wacker said they are working on inviting more businesses to Sherman, which will also help address unemployment.

"One of the ways that we can continue to be successful as a community is really help strengthen small business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking to expand business here because they're the backbone of our economy," she said.

Which Sherman resident, Matthew Lynch, said was encouraging.

"I think businesses coming in would be good. Everybody needs a job, everybody's gonna have a job, the jobless rate is real high and we need to get businesses in here," he said.

Wacker said another issue residents have brought up is the appearance of the city. That's why they will establish "Keep Sherman Beautiful" to get community members involved on the beautification project.

"Just improving the gateways of the city. When people drive in, the first impressions of the community, cleaning up some vacant properties, some landscaping, we're so lucky we have such a beautiful area of which to live," she said.

Lynch agreed but would also like to the streets a little safer.

"It's a beautiful city. There's a little bit of crime but not a whole lot, it's a good peaceful city as far as I know as far as I've lived, I've lived here my whole life, " he said.

Mayor Wacker said they are also working with TxDOT to improve transportation around the city. Wacker will be visiting with local organizations and business groups to talk about their big plans for Sherman this year starting Wednesday with the Lions Club.

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