First look at bills to be considered by Texas legislature in 2013

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TEXAS -- The new Texas legislative session begins January 8th and we're already getting a glimpse of what will be discussed.

Representative Dan Flynn introduced a measure that would reduce the number of instructive hours required for someone to receive their concealed handgun license, reducing it from 10 hours to 4 hours.

Senator Jane Nelson is proposing that some people would have to be drug tested before receiving state assistance.

Representative Tom Craddick filed a bill that would make it a criminal offense for a driver to read, write or send a text.

Of course, public schools are sure to be a hot topic.

Representative Dan Flynn also proposed a moratorium on testing through 2015.

Representative Mike Villarreal filed a bill to restore state funding for Pre-K classes. That funding was cut by lawmakers last year.

There are many more measures that will be discussed by Texas legislature in 2013, including allowing casino gambling in Texas and banning prescription drugs that induce abortions.

We'll continue to follow these measures when session begins next week.

For a look at all the bills that have been pre-filed in both the Texas House and Senate, visit this link:

For important Texas legislative dates in 2013, visit this link:

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